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We, RoC® family, have been setting new standards in skin care for more than 50 years.


RoC Güneş Ürünleri

RoC® offers a solution for many skin problems with its anti-aging series, sun care series, moisturizer, cleansers, dermatological products and deodorants.


RoC Antiaging Ürünleri

A new, evidence-based approach to anti-ageing:

1. Innovation and pioneering approach

Innovation and pioneering science are central to our development of breakthrough proprietary ingredients*, helping us create anti-ageing skincare that complements aesthetic treatments.

2. The art of formulation

The active ingredients* developed by RoC® are combined with premium textures and benefit from ongoing research so as to lead to optimal vehicles. This creates effective, well-tolerated and sophisticated anti-ageing skincare formulations for use by aesthetic dermatologists.

3. In-depth patient understanding

The RoC® Observatory provides us with unparalleled understanding of aesthetic dermatology patients’ needs and perspectives to guide the development of our products and recommended uses.

4. In-practice use in aesthetic dermatology

RoC® is the first to create an advanced clinical plan that demonstrates the complementary role of skincare with aesthetic procedures. Together with safety data, explant tests and preclinical and clinical studies, this evidence base underpins our new range.

RoC®: Creating new standards to advance the role of skincare in aesthetic dermatology

* Hexinol™ and E-PULSE™