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Our History


  • Johnson & Johnson Turkey started its operations as a consumer goods company in 1985.
  • Following the ob® branded tampons put on market in 1885, the most known baby products like shampoo, cologne, oil, lotion and powder also found place in the market under the brand name Johnson’s® Baby in 1986.
  • Known as the brand of the firsts, Piz Buin® was launched with the first ever suncare product in 1990.
  • In 1992, the sanitary pads that made the women feel even more free were brought in the market under the brand name Carefree®.
  • After the period of buying brands which made a big impression worldwide, Johnson & Johnson brought Neutrogena® in 1997 and RoC® in 1998 to its portfolio under the beauty category and the two were launched in Turkey as well.
  • Clean&Clear®, the irreplaceable brand in skin care, hit the stores in 2000.
  • With a breakthrough in 2007, Johnson & Johnson incorporated the brands Bengay®, Unisom®, Visine® and Kompensan® and started servicing in OTC category.
  • Achieving great successes in its fight against tobacco worldwide as well as in Turkey, Johnson & Johnson put the Nicorette®, a smoking cessation product, on the market in 2008.
  • Listerine® as number one oral care product in the world started operating in Turkey in 2008.
  • Desitin®, the number one choice of the pediatricians and the brand that the mothers use against diaper rash was launched in 2011.
  • With its Mediterranean naturalness and great scent, Le Petit Marseillais, the leading body care brand in French, joined the Johnson & Johnson Turkey family in 2015.